The contest

Stay tuned and don’t miss the launching of the next edition of the international photography contest “Show Us the World | FVM”. Since 2011, photographers from over thirty countries from around the world have participated in this annual event.

Winners of previous editions have been published by the National Geographic and the Zoom Photo Festival Saguenay, an international photojournalist gathering.

The jury selects the best images to be assembled into a travelling exhibition displayed in several countries. The journey of the exhibition “Show Us the World | FVM” begins in Canada and ends in the Indian capital of Calcutta, where 20,000 curious people were able to admire it during its last visit to the Birla Academy.

Show Us the World | FVM” also presents exhibitions outlets offering a reflection on the diversity, the beauty and sometimes the fragility of our world. These events are open only by invitation or call for applications.

The next edition will be devoted to the underwater world and will bring together several big names in photography. Do not miss the opening on August 21st.

In the mean time, stay tuned. We will soon reveals the name of the participating photographers!