Edition 2018 – Underwater



Landscapes of sometimes unsuspected diversity emerge beneath the surface of the seas. Show Us the World  | FVM proposes to introduce the public to the beauty and fragility of this underwater world. A dozen international and Quebec photographers among the great names in underwater photography were selected for the occasion. Their most beautiful images were brought together in an exhibition described by La presse as exceptional.

The exhibition was previewed at the Centre des arts (Quebec, Canada) from  April 4 to 28, 2018, before being hosted at the Centre National d'Exposition (CNE) for the summer.

More information in the article in Le Quotidien.

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The TJ Extra Saguenay Lac-St-Jean devoted a special program tracing the participation of Saguenay photographer Sonia Boudreau in the 2018 edition of Show Us the World. Her work takes us to the abyss of the Saguenay Fjord, an unique underwater environment still little known to the general public. Discover the broadcast coverage here.