Previous editions

The exhibition “Show Us the World | FVM” showcases the talents of photographers from all over the world. “Show Us the World | FVM” reveals the beauty, the diversity and fascinating scenery of the world surrounding us.

The competition attracts the participation of photographers from over thirty countries around the world. The winners were published by National Geographic and Zoom Photo Festival Saguenay, the largest photojournalism festival in Canada.

The previous editions confirmed the success of this event, as much by the high quality of participation as by the international influence enjoyed by the participating photographers.

The competition alternates with international exhibitions offering a reflexion on the diversity, the beauty and sometimes the fragility of our world. These specials event are open only by invitation are call for applications.

Since 2013, the exhibition was presented in several countries. You will discover the world differently, through an amazing mosaic promoting enchantment and travel.