ARTICLE FROM THE NEWSPAPER ‘LE QUOTIDIEN’ – FVM 2018 |The Unknown World of Underwater Photography

visuel article quotidien 2018 - format web coorection

Excerpt from an article written by Guillaume St-Pierre for "Le Quotidien" newspaper :

"Well anchored in Saguenay since 2011, the international contest Show Us the World welcomes, for its 2018 edition, several big names in photography (including two Quebecers) who take over the hall space of the Centre national d’exposition (CNE) in Jonquière until September 2. The exhibition The Underwater World traces a universe whose majesty, beauty and fragility provide an unsuspected glimpse through thirty spectacular photos to be seen free of charge.

From the crystal waters of Georgian Bay to the dark abyss of the Saguenay Fjord, the photographs showcase idyllic panoramas or breathtaking marine life. In all cases, the play of light, the contrasts of tones as well as the photographic compositions make these underwater images true mosaics of discoveries and wonder."

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